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We the Korean American Chamber of Commerce, Los Angeles along with Asian Pacific Islander Organizations, Communities and its members are hereby joined by elected and appointed leaders representing all levels of government, community leaders and stakeholders voice our strong oppositions to Los Angeles City’s decision to cut additional 51 Million Dollars budget in addition to 150 Million Dollars cut of the Los Angeles Police Department.

‘Everything we do - and all that we believe - is about making Los Angeles a safer, more prosperous, and well-run city for all’ - from

Public safety is the function of governments which ensure the protection of citizens’ well-being, improve the quality of life, and to the prosperity of their communities. In times of global pandemic crisis of COVID-19, public safety organizations such as law enforcement, fire, and emergency medical service needs are more crucial than ever and they are the indispensable fundamental foundation which neighbors, communities, cities, and the nation is built on.

The city government is faced with a daunting task to balance the budget during the pandemic crisis and we support our elected officials to make fiscally responsible decisions to implement across-the-board budget cuts, however, the budget cuts should not include the essential component of a fundamental foundation such as the law enforcement agency, specifically the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).

We, the Korean American community, stand firmly against any further budget cuts of LAPD which could have a detrimental negative impact on the lives of residents and businesses in Koreatown. The Olympic Station has kept Koreatown and its neighborhoods safe since 2009 when it first opened its doors, and our community has enjoyed the prosperity of economic growth and improved quality of life, because we were provided a safe foundation to build our community on. Defunding the police and closure of the Olympic Station will cause a detrimental impact and our community, which has already gone through a trauma of 1992 riot.

We petition the mayor and council members who propose further cut to do the right thing by keeping the law enforcement intact and keep all of our community police stations open, especially the Olympic Station – No further budget cuts for LAPD!

Thank you for your consideration of our concerns.



Peter Kang
Korean American Chamber of Commerce, Los Angeles

Peter Cha
California Korean Contractors Association

Jay Yu
Korean American Insurance & Financial Professional Association

Richard Cho
korean American Manufacturer’s Association

Benny Kim
Korean American Textile Association

Christine Chong
Korean Community Lawyers Association

Brad Lee
OBA Foundation

Victoria Lim
Korean Real Estate Brokers Association of SoCal

Young Choi
World Federation of Overseas Korean Traders Associations LA Chapter

Edward Koo
The National Unification Advisory Council, Los Angeles Chapter

Youngmi Lee
Korean Food Global Association

Rosalyn P. Vasquez
Thai American Chamber of Commerce of California

Oscar Dominguez
El Salvador Corridor Chamber of Commerce

Majib Siddiquee
Little Bangladesh Improvements Former Commissioner, City of Los Angeles

Chester Chong
Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Los Angeles